Forum Title: Taking Pool Down???
Not sure which of the forum topics this is appropriate for.... I think our pool has run it's life cycle. How do you know? It was put up in 2004 by my brother when he lived here. I replaced the liner in 2009. Nothing else (other than pool pumps) has been replaced. Many of the caps are broken off, some of the boards along the top rim are cracked, clips are rusting off, it even seems like the pole tops (under the caps) are rusting out. My kids do not use it anymore - certainly not enough to warrant the time and money. One has moved out, the other only has 2-3 more summers at home and all her friends have pools too. We have a deck built around it - that's probably 50 feet by 20 feet. I'm thinking that we should take it down. Not sure what to do about the space, or how to go about taking it down. Take it down now (before closing), or wait and take it down in the spring? What would you do with that space since the deck wraps around the pool, it's going to look stupid - I can't see us putting up another pool - and I'm not even sure they sell pools of this size anymore (21x41) - but what would you do to Preserve the area just in case we decide to put up a new one? That would probably require rebuilding the deck around it.. $$$!! lol Do any of you have thoughts about ending the life of your pool? Makes me sad, but it just seems like it's time!
Category: pool Post By: CARMEN MATTHEWS (Livonia, MI), 01/20/2019

Share a pic of the pool and deck now so we really know what you are dealing with. I have a couple of ideas.

- JONATHAN FLORES (Chattanooga, TN), 03/28/2019

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