Forum Title: Sagging and stretching on new Merlin SmartMesh cover
Hi everyone Just under a month ago, a local pool shop (and certified Merlin installer) installed a SmartMesh cover on my 20x40 in-ground pool. A few days ago, we had a good rain storm here just north of Philly, and I noticed that the cover sagged considerably (see picture below), and it took a day or so for all the rain to drain thru the cover surface. As it dried, I noticed that the center of the cover where the rain water collected was stretched and clearly no longer as taut as the rest of the cover. Should I be concerned about whether this stretching has damaged the cover? Regardless, I am concerned about how much sagging and stretching occurred just from a rain storm and how it will hold up under heavier snow loads in the coming months. I'd really appreciate any guidance you can provide.Thanks!Andy
Category: pool Post By: NICHOLAS COOPER (Bowie, MD), 03/04/2019

When I had an replacement cover made by loop loc I reinstalled it myself. It just required me to put the tension springs on all the straps. There was info. on the LL website that described how much the springs should be compressed when the cover was on. I put them on according to directions, after about 3 weeks I needed to reset the springs due to a little stretch in the mesh. Its fine now, and you will always have sag when it's wet. The key for me knowing if the cover was properly taught, was to look at each spring and see it they were compressed the same according to the recommendations. Your cover doesn't look bad at all to me. When there new they tend to catch the smallest debris at the low area and not completely let all the water drain through the mesh thus the weight. Sometimes I squirt the area with the hose and blow out that grit and that area will drain better. When yours is completely dry, I bet that low spot goes away. It will not damage the cover.

- MAUREEN BENSON (Concord, CA), 04/20/2019

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