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I just moved into a new home. The swimming pool has not been operated for about 2 months. I dumped quite a bit of bleach into it to get rid of the green. I also purchased an automatic cleaner that hooks up to the skimmer intake. Here are my problems: -Floor of pool is extremely dirty. -PSI on tank is anywhere from 50-60. I did a couple of backflows on it until the water coming out is clear. It lowered it a little. I do not see a place where air is getting in/out. The basket at the pump when I start the pump has a good amount of water swishing around inside for a minute or so and then it starts to just flow through. -The automatic cleaner will vibrate around 30-60 seconds and start cleaning, but then stops moving along the floor. -Cannot tell for sure because the water was green, but it appeared that water coming out of the return is dirty. This is my first pool and I want to get it winterized before the cold comes. I know that the guides here tell me to get the pool in good order before doing so however. Thank you for any help.
Category: pool Post By: CATHERINE CARTER (Midwest City, OK), 03/14/2019

Welcome to TFP! Please add your signature on the bottom. Regarding you pressure on the pump, either your gauge is broken or your pressure would be so great that there would be no water returned into the pool. I would forget about the bottom of the pool floor for now. If you can not see anything, then no need to try to vacuum. First and foremost, you must get your pool to go from green to clear. A proper test kit is recommended so you can start clearing up your pool. We need to know the pool levels before moving forward. Please read through Pool School and look at the test kits. If you have positive return water flow, chances are your gauge is defective. Please replace gauge. Also, if possible please take some pictures of the pool and equipment pad for reference. Is the pool still green or is the water clear? Thank you.

- SALLY NEWMAN (Springfield, OH), 04/08/2019

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