Forum Title: Closed above ground pool, did I do okay?
We just closed our 15x30 ag pool. We have a solid cover, vacuumed all debris, drained the water below the skimmer and used a skimmer plate and put a plug in the filter outlet. In years past, we would use the packets of shock in the pool prior to closing, but with our CYA so high, we just added chlorine. Our numbers are: FC/ TC- 18.5 CC-0 pH-7.9 TA-150 CH-110 CYA- 100, down from 140 with partial drain. We just stopped using the pucks in early August, so first time not using the packets of shock. Are our numbers okay for the winter? We live in Central New York, where winters can be snowy and cold. Thanks!
Category: pool Post By: DAVE ACOSTA (Tucson, AZ), 02/19/2019

Has all the water been removed from the return line and your DE filter, pump, etc.? If so, your CYA will come down naturally next year. If you added PolyQuat 60, it would be added protection. Although, with high FC levels, chances are that you will be perfectly fine. Please open the pool up early next year, at least one month earlier than the holiday.

- ANDREA REYES (Madison, WI), 04/12/2019

Thank you! Yes, all lines drained, pump, filter, etc emptied and stored inside. We usually open the pool mid May as I cannot stand to look at the winter cover anymore! Can't swim yet, but it looks nice!

- SANDRA MOORE (Naperville, IL), 04/07/2019

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