Forum Title: adapter to connect shop vac blower to skimmer (waterways) 2 port?
I'm trying to winterize my pool by myself this year. I paid a pool guy to do it last year and watched him and took notes. He blew out the system using a shop vac attached to the skimmer inlet port. I do not have a main drain - the shopvac was able to blow all equimpent and lines quickly. He had what looked like some flexible tubing on the end of a shopvac tube. My skimmer is a waterways. Not sure of the model. The inlet port is threaded. I have a generic gizzmo that screws into this using the larger of the 2 threads on the gizzmo. The gizzmo says this is a 2 thread. There are many skimmer hose adapters for sale but most of them say the threaded size is 1.5 - none say 2 Is 1.5 the inside dimension?417-6060 - WATERWAY - ADAPTER, POLY Should I just buy : Hydro Tools 89343 Skimmer Winterizing Kit : Swimming Pool And Spa Supplies : Patio, Lawn Garden I called waterways and they were not helpful. Referred me to another company.
Category: pool Post By: LISA MARTINEZ (Syracuse, NY), 02/12/2019

Welcome to TFP and please add your signature. Considering you have no main drain, the closing procedure will be a lot easier. The adapter's shown are fine for your closing. Place MPV on recirculate so you have little resistance when pushing air through the system. You only need the adapter for the skimmer and a regular Gizmo that fits the skimmer box. No need to spend extra $$$. At this point, you will have to figure out which one is best for you.

- KATHERINE ROGERS (Ann Arbor, MI), 04/05/2019

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